'Yin and Yang' - A Friendship that will last a lifetime.

  I didn’t think it was possible to build a life here in Wuqiao, I didn’t think I could ever fit in or be accepted for who I am.

  I just thought I wanted to create a business here and head back to my own native country. But everytime I went back to my home country, I missed my life I had built in Wuqiao, I missed the friendships and the family I had invested my time in. 

   The people who stood by me and seen my vision like no other could. One friendship in particular, Her name is zhuan, that I know will last a lifetime, She just wanted to help me, she helped me find a house, find the best restaurants, she taught me how to do the most simple tasks in Chinese, she would teach me words and laugh at me when I made mistakes instead of being frustrated and inpatient like others would do. She was a woman of loyalty and a woman who would always keep her word.

I think she craved the opposite of what I craved in her, She was married and had two beautiful little girls. I was independent,  A free spirit trying to find my purpose in life. We were like Yin and yang, or shall I say, we ARE like yin and yang. 



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