"Supporting Local traditions in the Hometown of acrobatics"

    The reason why I came back to Wuqiao and decided to live here was because I had a mission and a path that I wanted to take.

I was determined to find people who I could work with, People who wanted a different life, a different path, people who wanted to take their life into their own hands and be the one in control of their financial stability and have financial freedom by choosing their own hours and being able to work from the comfort of their own homes.

   The People that I found and that I work with now are all people who worked in garment factories and have 20 Plus years experience in the industry, These are the people who decided this isn’t the life they want. They didn’t want to commute into big cities, and leave their family, friends and hometown behind. These are the people who decided to come back to Wuqiao to try make a living from costume making, contributing to their own heritage and culture of acrobatics, It gives them a sense of belonging and fulfillment in their lives because it supports their local traditions, it supports their local acrobatic schools and local performance troupes of Wuqiao. Thats what makes them thrive and gives them a sense of purpose to their work. Thats why My Bubble Bum was born and thats why we continue to evolve.

   After living here in Wuqiao and being the observer that I am I wanted to know what I can do to contribute to this community myself, to keep it thriving, support these traditions that are slowly becoming extinct if we, as the younger generation don’t stand in and shine light on the artisan culture and the beautiful craftsmanship.

   Coming from privilege, we have the ability to give people the credit they deserve and give them a voice.

‘My Bubble Bum’  takes a lot of inspiration from China, I am very interested in this culture and I wanted to create a garment of cultural value, not only am I proud my clothing is made here in Wuqiao but I also wanted my Customers to be proud wearing it.

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