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Blue Moon - Two Piece Set


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Product Details

Our Blue Moon two piece set is crafted from our ultra-comfortable and flexible knitted organic cotton, made to effortlessly conform to your body, giving you that second skin sensation. The color scheme is a mix of Cool and warm, bringing to mind a radiant orange moon against a rich navy blue backdrop, making it the perfect outfit to add a pop of brightness to a starry evening.

New Features 

The T-shirt now has an added layer of stretchy cotton for extra support, perfect for those who prefer to go bra-free. It also features a 3cm under-band to keep it from riding up, making it ideal for performers who need to move freely - even hanging upside down!

Our ruffle shorts feature a lined design of our signature heart bum print on an organic stretch cotton. This detail is my personal favorite in the set as it not only adds a playful touch but also provides functional construction to contour and flatter your shape. Fun fact: the linings were digitally designed to perfectly match the colors in this collection. And don't forget about those thick, bouncy, and oh-so-voluptuous ruffles!

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