Covid-19 support.

Our heart out goes out to people around the globe who have been affected by the economic impacts of Corona Virus, and as a small business myself, we want to find ways we can pull together to subsidize some of the costs of our clothing so that we can support other creatives like us who are facing the aftermaths of this crisis.             

  For anyone looking for costumes to Europe,USA,AUS, we want to offer you a voucher of up to 20EURO Off.(To avail of this voucher please direct message us on instagram) We have been fortunate enough that Wuqiao, Where My Bubble Bum is handmade in house, due to enforcing strict travel bans which protected everyone from coming into contact with Covid-19, everything finally is under control and thankfully we can continue to handmake you beautiful designs here in our HQ. Two months ago we posted about this when it first hit China and as things start to get better here, I never imagined it would spread to Ireland, Where I am currently operating my business from, and affect most of my friends, family businesses and work.                                                                                                                                 

   But its time to lean on our support system and help each other as much as we can, Whether its a like on a post, tagging us in your costume, a share,telling a friend about us,or even if you have some photos you want to send me that I can post on our wall, something as a little as this could make a massive difference. In these difficult times where we need to be distancing ourselves, on the contrary we can use all the resources available to us to stay connected, share ideas and innovate.

   Lets use this time wisely and share some of the positive outcomes rather than dwelling on the negative ones. BIG Love to all you fellow Bubblebummers, We couldn’t do it without your constant support! Keep sharing the Bubble Bum Love and make this community thrive.XOXOX

Model @emmakarenflips

Find out more about my good friend Eduardo in the link below.

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