I am the Woman behind My Bubble Bum, I am a circus artist originally from Ireland. I quit my full time job as a hairdresser and basically ran away with the circus.  After many years of training, I began creating my own costumes for my upcoming shows, Mainly because there was nothing out there that I personally liked.

 My Bubble Bum is that shop that you have you always dreamed of and me too.. I dreamed of it everyday!! I searched the net to find it, I visualised this colourful circus clothing shop, But I just couldn’t find anything like I had imagined, it was still a dream that nobody had created, I finally realised that if this dream shop would come true, I would need to create it to solve my own problem. So I did, and My Bubble Bum was born.

I didn't want to just create a brand but I wanted to create a community of like-minded people to come together. support one another and share our passion! 

My Bubble Bum is my small contribution to the revival of traditional circus clothing, which in my opinion is bland and boring, and really not practical for the stuff we crazy circus peeps get up to! And now, they've never looked so cute by putting a colorful twist and cheeky ruffle bum! 

My mission is to spread my love for circus and inspire girls to follow their hearts, to make sure that what ever you do in life, be passionate about it, stay focused and all of your dreams will come true!

Sending Love,

Velvet and stripes,

Jessica Doolin AKA The Hooping Nomad.